Votin’ & Drinkin’

Posted Thu Oct 21, 2004, 07:44 AM by Tracy | |

E and I proudly exercised our democratic privilege by voting last Tuesday night. For those of you not in Oregon who are saying whaa…? let me just remind you that all Oregon elections are vote-by-mail. This means we can vote anytime before election day in November, in the comfort and privacy of our own home.

Or, as in the case of myself and E, in the comfort of our favorite bar. Yep, drinkin’ and votin’. It’s a grand tradition.

  1. My ballot is all filled out, but I have yet to send it in. I tried to go to the library this morning, but it wasn't open yet. The upside of being a slacker is that Edward Norton called me the other day. I've also gotten calls from 12-year-olds who support Bush and the governor or Oregon, who opposes measure 37.

    rebecca    Thu Oct 28, 11:00 AM    #

  2. yeah - that one with the 12-year old is funny!!

    you know that someone in a nice suit is dangling a new Barbie with accessories in front of her.

    cherz    Thu Oct 28, 04:29 PM    #


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