Rolling thunder

Posted Mon Jun 07, 2004, 20:49 PM by Tracy | |
This evening a wonderful thunderstorm rolled through. Just as the rain was starting, I grabbed my camera to take photos of the garden and porch plants. The quality light was not to be wasted. More photos of the garden have been added to the Photos section.

The next group of photos to get their own page will be cats. Mine, the neighbors’, spares and strays. You’re going to just wuv them.

I’ve really got to keep on top of closing off comments on web log entries. I just deleted a record 24 spam comments on an old entry. Sad really, that most commments I get are spam. Should I write more about kung fu training like Kung Fu Kitten? Perhaps … if I trained regularly, but work has been making that damn’ near impossible. Like Semaphoria I’ve already got a knitting section for those sufficiently motivated to seek it out – but again I haven’t had much time for knitting lately. sigh

  1. Okay, I should know more about how to receive loads of comments on web log entries. But I don't. I mean, commenters are the most unpredictable species on earth.

    The entries I am most happy about are usually the ones that get the least attention, measured in number of comments that is. I have stopped worrying about a lack of comments on entries. As a friend web logger once e-mailed me:

    Sometimes an entry is perfect as it is. No need for anyone to add to it.

    Ruben    Tue Jun 8, 07:11 AM    #


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