Bagdhad by the bay.

Posted Thu Jun 24, 2004, 13:39 PM by Tracy | |

E and I finally escaped the fam’ for a little T&E time in San Francisco. I’m blogging from an Internet cafe on the corner of Taylor & O’Farrell.

We’re splurging and staying at the Westin St. Francis on Union Square. Last night we ate a sumptuous meal at Harris Steak House, including a lovely half-bottle of Zinfandel unlike anything I’ve had before. Only one thing dampened our elated mood: the cab driver who took us there couldn’t make change. Very unprofessional. So … free cab ride. The cabbie on the way back made us laugh, so he got the other guy’s tip as well as his own.

This morning we slept late and breakfasted at David’s, a Jewish deli, so E could get salami and eggs. As far as I was concerned the morning was a waste, because we had to go from store to store in a near-futile search for an inexpensive sweatshirt or fleecie to keep me warm at the ball game tonight. I hate shopping. I effin’ hate shopping. E always says if we forget something we can buy it, but to me, that just takes time away from what I want to be doing, like browsing art galleries or museums.

Finally found a clearance-sale skater boy hoodie. I suppose I could have found something at a souvenir shop, but I never trust them to not be a ripoff. Plus I didn’t want something touristy.

We walked up to Chinatown for dim sum lunch, and now I’m blogging while E has a lie-down. In a little bit we’re going to SBC Park to watch the Dodgers and the Giants battle it out. I suppose since we’re in the City we will have to root for the Giants. Afterwards we’ll have a late sushi dinner. Tomorrow we return to the Santa Cruz mountains for a last day, then home Saturday.

Of course, no trip to SF is complete without several visits to The Gold Dust Lounge. Red velvet booths, gold-flocked wallpaper, naked cherubim on the ceiling and ladies of dubious virtue on the walls. Plus they mix a good drink.


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