Dispatch from the spam war front.

Posted Mon Feb 27, 2006, 19:47 PM by Tracy | |

In this dispatch from the spam war front, I am pleased to report moderate success with blocking off r3f3rr3r spam. I’m using a combination of a bad word list and bad referrer list in my .htacces file. It seems to be working. I check my logs and although I’m not totally stopping unwanted spam hits, at least they are using different words and r3f3rr3rs.

One thing I’ve figured out is not to use the actual words “r3c3nt r3f3rr3rs” in a post. I’m replacing “e” with “3”. I was wondering why a particular post was getting hit, when I remembered that spam bots spider the web looking for those exact words. So there I was, just putting out honey and catching flies.


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