Home at last.

Posted Sat Jun 26, 2004, 17:12 PM by Tracy | |

We’re back in beautiful Portland, and not a moment too soon. As the bartender at the San Jose airport said about family: nice to see you, don’t want to hear you.

Actually it wasn’t that bad. It’s my biological family, not my real family, so I don’t have all the lovely emotional baggage.

I did get pretty irritated at Stephen’s girlfriend by the end of our visit. It grated my nerves how she constantly interjected her opinions and suggestions into every conversation, telling everybody how to do everything. She means well and is trying to be helpful, I’m sure, but at 17, the best way to be helpful is to keep one’s mouth shut. Unsolicited advice is not only unwelcome, it’s downright disrespectful coming from a girl less than half my age and a fraction of my life experience.

We were all pretty much self-centered inconsiderate brats in our teens, each in our own special way. But that doesn’t mean I have to put up with it at my age. So she gets her feeling hurt when I snap at her that I wasn’t talking to her. Life’s tough. The most enduring life lessons are the painful ones. I would not want to be that age again.

  1. It's the younger generation's job to remind us how irritating we were (and how hard it was to be young!) But even at that age--fortunately--most of them are cute enough that we don't often murder them.

    Rich    Sat Jun 26, 06:43 PM    #

  2. As a side note, do you realize I was only 18 when I started training?

    Good thing I didn't give Sifu any advice on how to run his classes.

    — Matthew    Mon Jun 28, 10:05 PM    #

  3. Why, yes, at 17, they DO know it all. I have one at home who tells me that on a daily basis. Just try living with one.

    mamazuki    Wed Jun 30, 02:32 PM    #


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