Domestic goddess.

Posted Mon Jul 12, 2004, 08:48 AM by Tracy | |

I was such a Suzy Homemaker yesterday. While E was off to the races with his buddies, swilling beer and ogling cars, I did the marketing, cleaning and cooking.

For dinner I cut up chicken breast strips and tossed in some Newman’s dressing, white wine, Chipotle Tabasco sauce and fresh basil. While that mixture marinated, I spruced up the house and created lovely flower arrangements using flowers from the local farmers’ market and some gladiolus and roses from my own garden.

This is a wonderful time of year for fresh fruits and vegetables. We are lucky to have a farmers’ market close by. I bought all sorts of wonderful fresh things, which I cut up and stir fried with the marinated chicken strips, then served over noodles. I think E liked that I made him dinner, since usually he’s the one who cooks.

Like any good Suzy Homemaker I’m concerned about my figure. Vacation has caught up with me – I’m four pounds over my base weight. I guess it’s not such a good idea to have rootbeer floats for dinner every night.


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