The way of all flesh.

Posted Sat Feb 04, 2006, 10:48 AM by Tracy | |

Mose, May 1989 – Feb 3 2006. R.I.P. in our backyard.

My sweet cat Mose died Friday. She had hyperthyroidism and possibly a bunch of other stuff as well. She lost a lot weight since her initial diagnosis 3 years ago. Over this last year she lost even more weight. She was so bony, E has been saying for months that she is not long for this world.

Thursday night her back legs went out and she began a quick decline. I took her to the vet Friday morning. The vet confirmed that Mose was “on her way out.” She wouldn’t actually say “dying”. We could rehydrate her and keep her alive for another couple weeks or so. I didn’t want to put her through the stress, so I brought my beloved Mose back home to die.

I had to go to work, but E was home. We put her on a heating pad. He sat by her and petted her until she went into convulsions around 10:30am. Sister Ally seemed oblivious, but we think by now she’s figured it out.

Mose was always the dominant cat of the two. In her younger, more vigorous days she would chase her sister around the house. They would get into such fights. When Mose got sick, I took over Ally-chasing duty.

Mose owned the house and all its contained surfaces, including E. Ally was allowed one chair. E and Mose used to play Spin the Kitty on the kitchen linoleum.

She was a sleek black beautiful cat. Cat show-worthy in my opinion. We believed her to be a Siamese cross. She had the Siamese belly sag and tail crook, not to mention the Siamese voice. As she aged, her black turned to brown.

We will miss her terribly. She was my special sweet mama’s girl cat.

  1. RIP Mose.

    mamazuki    Mon Feb 6, 06:00 PM    #

  2. definitely had the siamese look, and you say the siamese voice and attitude…she was loved when alive and when gone will never be forgotten, and it’s tought for any cat…or human…to ask for more.

    dennis dolbear    Wed Feb 8, 11:04 PM    #

  3. So sorry… I understand. I think that we may have to put Midori to rest this weekend.

    Not only does she have hyperthyroidism, she also has fluid in her lungs, bad dental disease, and partial kidney failure.

    Bless all out kitties!

    PattyO    Thu Feb 9, 11:44 AM    #

  4. I’m sniffling as I type this. We love our kitties so much. They are our kids. Mose had a long life and was well loved. big hug We’re thinking of you.

    Kungfukitten    Fri Feb 17, 11:38 AM    #


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