Small world.

Posted Sun Jul 11, 2004, 16:40 PM by Tracy | |

Portland is a small town. It’s almost more surprising to not know people in common.

Kung Fu Kitten and her pal Shari hosted a fabulous birthday party at the Voodoo Lounge last night. One name on the Evite list leaped out at me. It was just a standard username, first initial, last name, but the formation was correct for an old boyfriend.

I queried KFK for details. Could this be the same person I dated so many years ago, pre-E? Ha! We decided it was and dished the dirt.

He didn’t show up at the party.

  1. I specifically moved out of state in 1992 so I wouldn't have to keep running into ex-boyfriends. Thanks for coming on Saturday! I'm bummed out I didn't get any pictures of you and E.

    kungfukitten    Mon Jul 12, 09:36 AM    #

  2. Funny, I was just thinking today about when I moved to Oregon. It was end of 1992, too. I guess we were both desperate to ditch the parents and head into sunny Oregon.

    Nice party. (Perhaps needed a hose-down after the bacholarette party before us.. but hey?)

    Most memorable (univited) guest was Tyler (sp?) who was having a 21-er and had her belly button pierced earlier in the day. (Which didn't hurt as much as her tongue piercing.)

    edelbrp    Mon Jul 12, 09:00 PM    #


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