Touch and go.

Posted Tue Dec 20, 2005, 22:21 PM by Tracy | |

For the past couple months the computer has been making quite the rattly noise. I didn’t pay much attention, just smack it a couple times and it quiets right down. It seemed to be fan noise. I’ve got so many wires inside that case, something’s bound to get tangled with a fan.

The other day the computer was off. Odd, since I normally don’t shut it down. I think we had a power blip, since the Tivo had lost its 30-second skip.

I started up the computer and it hung at “detecting IDE drives.” That would be the hard drive. Several restart attempts later it finally started up. Sometimes it would detect IDE drives, sometimes not. Often it registered a floppy disk failure. Once I even got Blue Screen of Death midway through Windows loading.

Luckily for me, my company employs some good IT guys. I asked their advice and they gave me a few simple diagnostics I could do. I reseated the cables and it starts just fine. I don’t even have the rattly noise now that I adjusted a few wires.

I’m still keeping a close eye on the hard drive, though. And doing regular backups.


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