Shop a little, drink a little, shop a little, drink a lot.

Posted Sat Dec 10, 2005, 19:56 PM by Tracy | |

That’s E’s method of shopping at Christmas, his least favorite time of the year. I spent several hours shopping today. I did stop for a reviving glass of port at one point. I think I’ve got the bulk of the presents purchased, which was my goal.

Funny thing about Christmas. We’re both Jewish and we both grew up celebrating Christmas. At least I have a good excuse. I was adopted by a Christian family and was unaware of my Hebraic heritage until I was an adult. Not that it would have mattered anyway. My birth family celebrated every holiday they could get their hands on.

E’s mother converted from Episcopelan, but didn’t give up the major cultural (and let’s face it, the celebrations of Christmas and Easter in America have significant non-religious elements) celebrations. So E and his sibs colored Easter eggs every year – they just didn’t understand why.

E and I continue the traditions we grew up with. After all, that’s what makes it a tradition. We get a tree (a big bushy Noble Fir this year), I bake cookies, we give presents, the family has dinner or brunch together.

I like Christmas because it’s pretty and it smells nice.


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