Happy Thanksgiving, all.

Posted Thu Nov 24, 2005, 15:32 PM by Tracy | |

Turkey’s in the oven, broth is simmering on the stove. Pies, pumpkin, apple and blackberry, were made last night. Eggs were hardboiled last night as well. All is in order.

We’ll be taking the turkey over to brother’s- and sister’s-in-law house for the ritual dismemberment and devouring. We don’t have the seating capacity for family and guests. We tried it once. It was memorable and not just for the stopped up sink that E repaired while cooking.

I’m using the day for catch-ups: the ton o’ laundry that went unfolded for weeks, cleaning the toilet in the half-bath, that sort of thing. I’m also getting ahead: one batch of cookie dough is already made and refrigerated in anticipation of the Christmas cookie baking marathon. I’m also ahead on addressing Christmas card envelopes for the first time. If I’m really ambitious, I’ll polish some silver.

So, thankful as ever for never going hungry unless dieting, thankful for a nice little house that is not too expensive to heat and suits two people quite well, thankful for good health in organs, limbs and mind. Most of all thankful for the most wonderful husband in the world, without whom my life would be much less rich and meaningful.


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