I can’t spell VW but I got a Porsche.*

Posted Tue Jul 06, 2004, 17:49 PM by Tracy | |

I had a blonde moment today.

My little Saturn is going through menopause: it has hot flashes. The engine has been getting very hot and and I don’t hear the fan coming on.

The first, simplest thing to try with many electrical systems is replace the fuse. So off I go to my local auto parts shop to buy a 30 amp fuse. The nice man behind the counter finds the fuse for me and I pull out my money. I look at the marking on the fuse and ask what does DE mean.

He said, turn it upside down, it’s 30.

*Julie Brown singing “I’m a Blonde” in “Earth Girls are Easy”.

  1. Well, at least I had a good laugh.

    Ruben    Thu Jul 8, 07:34 AM    #


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