Back in Blogness … sort of.

Posted Mon Jan 03, 2005, 17:43 PM by Tracy | |

It’s a new year and a new blog. The old Movable Type blog unexplicably puked and died last November (that’s so 2004). I’ve been too busy, what with Mom and Christmas etc. to try to fix it.

Yesterday I installed WordPress. Their 5-minute installation really does take about 5 minutes. Importing my old posts went amazingly fast. But I spent most of today finetuning to make it look like the good ol’ Chattering Magpie.

One feature I really like about WordPress is multiple categories for links. I never did figure that out with Movable Type. It will make updating and managing my lists of what’s going on at the moment much easier. No more editing the index template every time I watch a movie.

It seems that half the blogs I read are redesigned with the new year. I’ve had this design for the last few years and I still like it. So don’t look for any changes soon. Plus I’ve got a ton of legacy pages that I don’t want to edit by hand.

  1. Good to have you back!

    Ruben    Sat Jan 8, 01:28 PM    #


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