Talk to the hand.

Posted Sat Nov 19, 2005, 11:34 AM by Tracy | |

Although Mom’s mental acuity is fairly good (she doesn’t have Alzheimers, thanks for asking) she remains physcially weak. Her transfers are getting more reliable, but she still can’t stand or walk without assistance.

Our message to Mom has been consistent and repetitive: she needs to exercise. She needs to exercise. She needs to exercise.

The nursing home has daily exercise classes. Mom won’t go. She’s supposedly scheduled for walking with a therapist four times a week, but when I ask Mom about it, she says no one has come to help her. We don’t rely on her account. We know she will lie to our faces if it suits her.

This last Friday when E and I were visiting, I talked to Mom about doing leg lifts and other exercises she can do on her own in bed. She said those exercises are for people who are worse off than her, who really can’t do anything.

When I asked Mom what kind of exercise she thought she should be doing, she turned it back on me, asking what kind of exercise I thought she should do.

E and I just stared at her and said in unison, “Anything.”

She didn’t want to hear it. She turned away and held up her hand. Talk to the hand.

Anything would help, but she won’t do anything to help herself.


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