The week in review.

Posted Sun Jul 18, 2004, 17:17 PM by Tracy | |

Sundays are my favorite. If I’ve managed everything correctly, I will have nothing I have to do. Except the weekly shopping of course.

I’m losing some of my enthusiasm for frequent updates. I just get too tired by the end of the day. Or nothing seems worth writing about. More and more I hear about famous bloggers going on indefinite hiatus. I’ve notice the regular people I read posting to their own blogs less frequently.

So to make up for it, I’ll try to recap some of the interesting things that happened this last week.

I’ve been very busy with work, both day and night to the point where I didn’t train kung fu at all this week except for Saturday sparring class. I’m glad I made it to sparring at least. Not only is it fun to beat on people (and try to avoid getting beat on in return), I got excellent advice from two sifus (black belt instructors). I’m not going to share my secrets here, because then you will be able to defeat me in combat. My kung fu is better than your kung fu.

The other morning I saw a coyote at the corner of Terwilliger and SW 6th Ave. He looked wary as he crossed the street and went down the hill. Our area is pretty built up, so I don’t know what he was doing (except maybe looking for a snack – on the farm we call cats and small dogs “coyote food”).

Friday night we went to a birthday party. Saturday we went to a “Pink Flamingo” party, for which I bought a bright pink shirt at the Goodwill. E wore his Pink Godzilla (Santa Cruz sushi bar) t-shirt. On both occasions I drank more than I had previously been able with minimal ill effect the next day. Yay!

It’s been quite hot. I’m worried for our newest little rhodedendron. It looked pretty wilty. So I’ve been putting water on its roots. It’s looking better now. My pansies are wilted nearlyall the time. I don’t know that any amount of water will bring them back.

I’ve been working on combing out Orange Kitty’s dreads. He has the worse case of kitty dreads I’ve seen in a short-haired cat. I always say Domestic Short Hair isn’t a breed, it’s a description. My goal is to get his fur straight before winter so he can have some insulation. Those dirty dreadlocks will not keep him warm. I’m almost of a mind to shave him and start over.

Today I went to the yarn store to spend the yarn store gift certificate I got for my birthday. HINT I don’t need more things. Just give me yarn store gift certificates. I bought what I hope is enough yarn to make a glamorous dress-up sweater for a three-year old who is into clothes. Of course it’s pink!


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