Pretty Toes II.

Posted Sat Nov 05, 2005, 17:26 PM by Tracy | |
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This is for all you foot fetishists out there. I know you’re there, because you search for “pretty toes” on Google and you end up here.

I finally got my massage and it was FABULOUS. A one-hour full body massage with aromatherapy oils at a salon/spa called Dosha in NW Portland. One of those high-priced yuppie places. Do we still call them yuppies? I think I’m one. Or maybe I’m past the “young” part of “urban professional”.

Anyway the massage was great. My masseur told me I was tight in my hips and glutes, so he did a lot of stretching there. Good to know about. He used lots of long fluid massage strokes (get your mind out of the gutter!) that went deep (stop thinking that!) into the muscles.

On top of that I got a manicure and pedicure (see pretty toes!). The best part was it was all FREE.

The Company has an incentive program called President Points. Your manager can hand out points or you can be awarded them by sales people for helping them make a sale. It’s a great way to acknowledge everyone’s contributions.

The points can be exchanged for some really neat prizes, not crappy cheap pens and mugs with company logo on them. I used my points for a spa retreat certificate and a set of Calphalon pots and pans.


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