Scariest. Pumpkin. Ever.

Posted Sun Oct 30, 2005, 23:27 PM by Tracy | |

  1. I don’t see Bush.

    Ruben    Mon Oct 31, 11:38 AM    #

  2. There are always two Sith Lords, master and apprentice.

    Tracy    Mon Oct 31, 07:44 PM    #

  3. That is scary. I’m still sad I didn’t manage to convince anyone to make a Christopher Walken pumpkin, but yours is obviously more frightening than that.

    rebecca    Tue Nov 1, 05:13 PM    #

  4. That turned out so great! I showed it to my cat and he hissed.

    Kungfukitten    Wed Nov 2, 02:00 AM    #


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