Time management or the seeming lack thereof.

Posted Thu Oct 20, 2005, 08:44 AM by Tracy | |

Where does the time go? It seems like I’m constantly busy yet nothing gets done.

I had taken for granted the abundance of free time I had when I freelanced from home. Even then it felt like I got nothing done.

Staying up late to do laundry, update client web sites, clean the kitchen. It just doesn’t work for me. (Before you ask, E does all that too, except for updating web sites.) If I go to bed late I’m tired all the next day. Getting up early doesn’t work so well either. If I get up before 6:30am I have a headache. I need 8-9 hours sleep to feel right.

I’m lucky that my work is only 10-12 minutes by freeway. I’ve always had good commuting karma.

My biggest time waster: the internet. I should stop reading political and social commentary blogs. They just get my blood all hetted up.

Latest time suck: sudoko! I love those puzzles.


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