F***ing bastards must die.

Posted Sat Oct 08, 2005, 19:47 PM by Tracy | |

I got hacked today. Every .php and index.html page of my blog was replaced by a single line:

Trustix. Contact?

I have no idea who these people are or how they were able to hack into my site. Fortunately no permanent damage was done. It was malicious but not destructive. I’ve contacted my ISP.

  1. Are you running Wordpress?

    Joe    Mon Oct 10, 09:38 AM    #

  2. Textpattern.

    I used to run Wordpress.

    Tracy    Mon Oct 10, 07:30 PM    #

  3. They did that to me once. Replaced my index.html with a text like that, years ago. Fortunately the index.html was obsolete, but they didn’t know that :-)

    Ruben    Tue Oct 11, 03:54 PM    #

  4. Same crew? How is it accomplished? Or more to the point, how do I keep it from happening again?

    Tracy    Tue Oct 11, 08:50 PM    #

  5. Don’t know, really. If I remember it correctly, my problem was that the main folder had read/write rights for everyone.

    Ruben    Mon Oct 17, 01:34 PM    #


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