Pants that fit.

Posted Wed Oct 05, 2005, 22:52 PM by Tracy | |

I hate shopping.

I hate shopping for clothes.

I hate spending the time and not finding anything that fits quite right.

I hate spending the money when I do find something.

That’s why I like internet shopping. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier.

I finally got tired of cramming my size 12 ass into size 10 jeans, but I didn’t want to take the time to drive to the mall. I searched for my favorite brand of jeans, the ones I know fit, and bought two pair classic indigo and two pair double-black. I really like black jeans. I really like wearing black. I like how I look in black.

I also searched and found and bought a couple pair Royal Robbins, one khaki and one (of course) black. These aren’t my favorite Royal Robbins Billy Goat pants of old. They just don’t make them like that anymore. Billy Goats were sturdy cotton twill and they fit me perfectly. These new Royal Robbins are canvas. They fit looser in the waist and snugger in the thigh than I like. Or maybe my thighs are just big. I don’t know. I’ll keep them but I’m not ordering any more.

Now I have to toss my old Gramicci drawstring pants that served me well when I had a separated shoulder and couldn’t pull on a pair of jeans, and later when I had to fit my pants over the mother-of-all-knee-braces.

  1. I totally agree! Your hate list is a good one!

    I still say screw Laura and go thrift shopping with me. It’s cheap, there’s less selection, so less to try on. If it doesn’t fit perfect, wear it 2x and toss.

    Patty O    Fri Oct 7, 03:12 PM    #


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