Posted Sun Sep 25, 2005, 14:51 PM by Tracy | |

We’ve had the same full-size duvet on the bed that E’s mother gave him when he bought the house some 15 years ago. It’s getting rather faded, so I decided to buy a new queen-size comforter. You know, one that actually fits the bed.

I spent an hour looking at every single comforter and bed-in-a-bag at Meier & Frank (soon to be Macy’s) a couple weekends ago. I didn’t like anything I saw.

click for closeup view

So I decided to order on line from Bed Bath & Beyond and got this. When it first arrived, I wasn’t too sure whether we would keep it. There’s a good mix of polyester and I don’t like the feeling of polyester.

E says he likes it. I’m getting to like the texture on top. Luckily we have all-cotton sheets to protect our sensitive bodies from direct contact with evil polyester.

Of course, there’s no question of returning the comforter now, since that cat coughed up a hairball last night.


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