Gamma raise.

Posted Sun Sep 18, 2005, 12:28 PM by Tracy | |

The problem with web designing (yeah right, there’s only one problem) is everyone’s viewing environment is a little different. Most people don’t change the factory pre-sets for their monitors and video cards. Macs and PCs displays are very different. Ambient lighting varies.

You can’t get the exact color you want on a monitor. Or rather you can, but you can’t guarantee that anyone else will see what you see. You have to settle for “blue” without having your heart set on “slightly subdued peacock blue”.

My monitors at work and home are very very different. The Company’s web site looks very dark to me. Since I had to do some work at home yesterday, I wanted some assurance that it would look similar when I got back to the office on Monday. Not that it really matters a lot since most people at work use laptops. Those displays are incredibly washed out.

I decided to adjust Adobe Gamma. I blocked out as much ambient light as I could to set my gray as neutral as possible. Then I adjusted gamma separately for red, green and blue. My method is to squinch my eyes and move the little slider until I can’t distinguish between the inner solid color square and the outer patterned square. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry about it.

I think I made an improvement, closer to natural color. But now my own web site looks washed out and greeny. So I redid some of the artwork so it looks better. I have no idea how it looks to anyone else.


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