Must. Balance. Checkbook. Before. Sleep.

Posted Wed Sep 14, 2005, 00:54 AM by Tracy | |

Everyone has their own little obsessive-compulsive quirk. Mine is balancing my checkbook. It must be balanced down to the penny every month. I don’t understand how people (like my DH) can go years without balancing a checking account.

I was driving myself nuts this evening because I noticed my ending balance of my checkbook was 10cents off my online bank balance. I checked all my addition and subtraction since the last reconciliation several times. I double-checked my checkbook entries against the online bank account, looking for a 10cent entry error.

I realized I hadn’t balanced my checkbook this last statement period. I’m not that obsessed that I have to do it as soon as the statement arrives … so sometimes it slides a couple weeks. Damn. That means tons of extra checkbook entries to add up and reconcile against the statement. I trudged through anyway, pledging to not let the OCD take over if it didn’t balance.

It balanced.

I can go to bed now.


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