Don't kiss me, Kate.

Posted Sat Sep 03, 2005, 20:24 PM by Tracy | |

This morning I finally gave money to American Red Cross for Hurricane Relief in New Orleans. I’m sure I don’t need to urge you to do the same. We all do what we can.

A lot of people are angry about the goverment’s slow response. One thing I wonder is does George Bush have any idea how stupid and callous the words coming out of his mouth sound?

I don’t think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees.

– George Bush, Sep 1 2005, Good Morning America

Nobody but National Geographic, Scientific American and the Army Corps of Engineers. For years the Corps has been asking for more money to shore up the levees and has not received it. FEMA has been continuously underfunded.

Out of the rubbles of Trent Lott’s house—he’s lost his entire house—there’s going to be a fantastic house. And I’m looking forward to sitting on the porch.

– George Bush, Sep 2 2005, Mobile AL

This just astounds me. I know Bush is trying to make a connection with his audience (they laughed), sound like he’s sympathizing, but good heavens. Doesn’t anyone vett these speeches? He just sounds crass and insensitive. People have lost everything and we’re supposed to care about rebuilding Trent Lott’s house?

Even before 9/11 FEMA’s top three scenarios were:

  1. Terrorist attack in New York
  2. Earthquake in San Francisco
  3. Hurricane in New Orleans

No one can prevent a hurricane, but we can have a plan in case a really really big one hits and floods an entire city. Isn’t that what FEMA and Office of Homeland Security are for? To make plans for the bad things that might happen?

What if this had been the result of a terrorist attack? Would the government have responded any differently?

Remember: black people loot, white people find.

Welcome to America.

  1. Well put: I’m sitting in my cousin’s house in Cartersville, Ga., after having escaped from my beautiful home in New Orleans East after clinging (with my 84 year old mother) to the gutters of my house in a flood tide and 120 mph winds during the hurricaine, and then being trapped in our attic (120 degree temps) for two days after, and then making a harrowing escape when it was becoming obvioius that nobody was comig for us,and then gig through more horros of sub-third world refugee conditions after that-and believe me, we were the LUCKY ones. And Bush treats this like it was some sort of unforseen accident!? But true to form, the rescue operation is in full swingnot so much to rescue the survivors, but his reputationKarl Rove’s strategy is to blame everythig on NO Mayor Nagin and Gov. BlancoJesus. If the American people swallow that one, then I’m moving to Australia or Europe. Not that I have much encumberig me now-My possessions consist of my eyeglasses, my bower shorts and a hospital scrub shirt.

    dennis dolbear    Tue Sep 6, 12:49 PM    #


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