Give me the place to stand and I shall move the earth.

Posted Wed Aug 31, 2005, 10:12 AM by Tracy | |

Ah, the power of lever and fulcrum. Where would be without it? Still stuck on the side of I-5 southbound, that’s where.

I had a late night at work so I met E downtown. After a quick salad and a short beer at El Gaucho (they now serve Hoegaard, a Belgian witbier – good stuff, but I still prefer Golden Valley’s, in McMinnville) we drove home. I said that the car felt a little sluggish, like it was dragging. The brake wasn’t set, so off we went.

Speeding up the hill heading into the Terwilliger curves, suddenly THUMP-A-THUMP-A-THUMP-A. I pulled over as quickly as I could safely. Yup, flat tire. The very same tire that Les Schwab had pulled a screw from a couple weeks before. Guess that repair didn’t work.

E, bless him, changed the tire. He figured we both didn’t need to get our hands dirty and he has more upper body strength than I do. I think he liked being the hero.

Changing a tire is something everyone should know how to do and have the tools to do. But it’s nice when someone does it for you.

  1. When I had a flat tire last year, I called the road service guys.

    Ruben    Fri Sep 2, 11:22 AM    #


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