Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

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Between the two of us, E and I tasted over 20 beers at last weekend’s Brewer’s Festival. I didn’t take notes on all of them, but I did on most. Here are my notes:

Anderson Valley Brewing
Boonville CA
Summer Solstice Cerveza Crema
Amber cream ale
5.5% alcohol
5 IBUs
Lives up to its name. Smokey, sweet, full-bodied with a lovely mouth feel.

Bayern Brewing
Missoula MT
Bayern Trout Slayer Ale
Wheat ale
5.3% alcohol
18 IBUs
Very nice, subtle. A good balance, not overbearing. Lingers on the palate, fading gradually.

Big Time Brewing
Seattle WA
Kölsch 45
4.5% alcohol
22 IBUs
Flat, uninspired taste. Comes to life with a salty snack to become a decent summer beer.

Eugene City Brewery
Eugene OR
Eugene City Saison
6.5% alcohol
20 IBUs
Refreshing light flavor, a good summer beer, lightly spicy.

Flying Fish Brewing
Cherry Hill NJ
Dubbel Trubbel
Belgian-style abbey dubbel
7% alcohol
18 IBUs
Fizzy, but not too much so. Not a big beer. Multi-flavored, complex, interesting, orangey, fades gradually. Good mouth feel.

Four+ Brewing
Salt Lake City UT
Belgian-style pale ale
4% alcohol
15 IBUs
Interesting, lightly bitter, slightly fruity.

Georgetown Brewing
Seattle WA
Manny’s Pale Ale
Pale ale
5.5% alcohol
28 IBUs
Very bright, a good balance, lingers on the palate.

Golden Valley Brewery
McMinville OR
French Prairie Blanche
Biere blanche (wit)
4.5% alcohol
20 IBUs
A classic wit, spicy, fruity, light with just enough hops. Holds on to the sides of the tongue.

Kona Brewing
Kailua-Kona HI
Lilikoi Wheat Ale
American style wheat ale, fruited
5.3% alchohol
15 IBUs
Fizzy, fruity. A good hot weather beer but otherwise not much to it.

Laurelwood Brewing
Portland OR
Organic Deranger
Imperial red ale
8% alcohol
100 IBUs
Complex, flavorful and rich. Lingers on the palate.

Lost Coast Brewery
Eureka CA
Lost Coast Indica IPA
India pale ale
6.5% alcohol
60 IBUs
Not bad. Middle of the road, undemanding. A good summer beer.

Old Market Pub & Brewery
Portland OR
Imperial Hop On
Imperial amber ale
7.9% alcohol
99.5 IBUs
Tasty! Hoppy! Bright. Great flavor that is not overhopped.

Oregon Trail Brewery
Corvallis OR
Oregon Trail Wit
Belgian-style hefeweizen
4.2% alcohol
15 IBUs
Light, bright, spicy, slightly bitter.

Rogue Ales
Newport OR
Rogue Schwarzbier
German-style schwarzbier
5% alcohol
30 IBUs
Pleasant. Malty without being cloying. Light. Lingers a short time on the palate.

Roots Organic Brewing
Portland OR
Gruit Kölsch
Kölsch hybrid
5.5% alcohol
0 IBUs
Many flavored, light, flowery. Primitive in a good way.

Russian River Brewing
Santa Rosa CA
Pliny the Elder
Double IPA
8% alcohol
100 IBUs
Sharp and hoppy, refreshing. Lingers a long time on the palate. Grabs hold of the tongue and won’t let go.

Sprecher Brewing
Glendale WI
Mai Bock
Blonde bock
6% alcohol
27 IBUs
Sunny, flavorful, lightly floral. A good balance.

Steelhead Brewery
Eugene OR
Perigrin Took
Unfiltered IPA
6.7% alcohol
70 IBUs
Very hoppy with a strong finish.

Terminal Gravity Brewing
Enterprise OR
Craft malt liquor
10% alcohol
38 IBUs
Smooth and malty, not complex.

  1. nice!!! I'm a little sad I had to miss this year's brew fest. Thanks for the notes.

    cherz    Wed Aug 3, 08:54 AM    #

  2. Taking notes! It was all I could do to remember the ones I drank.

    I will have to make a trip to Laurelwood soon to try that Organic Deranger.

    Rozanne    Wed Aug 3, 11:09 AM    #


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