Posted Sat Jul 30, 2005, 19:29 PM by Tracy | |

I am tired, greasy and happy. This is my favorite weekend of the entire year, the weekend six trailers sporting twelve wondrous taps each, park on the waterfront and deliver up gallons of glorious golden (or blond or amber or stout or porter) nectar, four ounces at a time, to the gathered throng of beer enthusiasts.

Yes, it’s the 18th annual Oregon Brewer’s Festival. We were there Friday evening and this afternoon. So far I’ve tasted:

  • Laurelwood Pub Organic Deranger
  • Eugene City Saison
  • Big Time Brewing Kölsch 45
  • Oregon Trail Wit
  • Georgetown Brewing Manny’s Pale Ale
  • Roots Organic Brewing Gruit Kölsch
  • Old Market Pub Imperial Hop On
  • Steelhead Brewery Perigrin Took

My most surprising discovery was that the Kölsch 45, which on initial tasting was flat and uninspired, came to life when paired with a light salty snack. The transformation was an unexpected pleasure that redeemed this beer after a poor first impression.

(I’m greasy because I slathered myself with sunscreen.)

  1. Wonderful! I reached (actually exceededd) my capacity before I could get to the last three on your list, but I really wanted to try them.

    I'll bet you would have flipped for Pliny the Elder Double IPA.

    Rozanne    Mon Aug 1, 08:26 AM    #


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