I must be a queen ‘cause I got a crown.

Posted Tue Nov 16, 2004, 22:08 PM by Tracy | |

Our old dentist retired recently. A new young guy bought his practice and completely updated and remodeled and computerized. Now I get the joy of seeing the inside of my mouth while it’s being worked on via computer monitor.

Not unexpectedly I had to have a crown to cover a big ol’ crack in a tooth, thanks to a big ol’ mercury filling coming to the end of its useful life. I’ve got a mouth so full of mercury fillings, it’s a wonder I’m not mad as a hatter. Bonus points if you understand that reference.

My little Saturn is showing its age as well. The poor thing started squealing the other day, so I brought it into the shop. It turns out it’s been leaking power steering fluid, causing the power steering pump to whine. To fix it would involve replacing the pump and the rack (whatever that is) and realign … something. What I heard was ”$795”. Or I can just keep it topped up with power steering fluid.

Perhaps it is time to consider buying a new car.


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