Oedipus through the looking glass.

Posted Sun Jul 10, 2005, 16:52 PM by Tracy | |

I think my mother has finally gone ‘round the bend.

We had a care conference at the convalescent center where she has been in residence since her last ER episode in June. When asked what her goals were, Mom said she wanted to go home with her husband. I reminded her she divorced my father over twenty years and never remarried. She insisted she had a husband. When I asked whom, she said Jim.

Jim is her son, my brother.

I reminded her of this, but she was insistent that Jim was her husband.

She’s been confused before, but the difference is when I’ve corrected her facts in the past, she recognized that she was confused. She’s even philosophized on the nature of her own confusion, how real it seems when she knows it’s not real.

This was different. She no longer recognizes her own confusion.

I don’t know what I’m going to do, or even if there is anything I can do. Physically she needs a high level of care and observation. Adult foster care, or board and care, may be an option but I don’t want to confuse her further by putting her through another move.

  1. Hi Tracy. I'm a friend of KFK's at Standard. My brother and I recently
    went through this with my dad. His was alzheimer's with parkinson's. We
    ended up having to put him in a locked facility for about 6 months, until
    we could get his health back up. Then they started him on Arocept (sp?)
    on which he has improved dramatically. He is in a nursing home, but has
    his own room now, computer, etc. I'm not sure how bad off your mom is,
    but consider just getting her in someplace and settled where they can
    monitor her and get her health and medications stabilized. I know that
    it's hard, but you, unfortunately, have to be the adult and tell her
    that's the way it's going to be. My dad was a farmer his whole life
    (His birthday is today...76) and up until last year, he and my brother
    did everything. It was very hard on all of us to see his independence
    stripped...but it was much better and safer for him. Once he was more
    lucid he explained to us how scared HE was of what was going on. Routine
    and structure is very important when the memory fades. It lets them have
    a bit of control over their life. I hope everything works out okay!

    laurelann    Mon Jul 11, 10:03 AM    #


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