Guilty Sunday.

Posted Sun Jul 24, 2005, 19:03 PM by Tracy | |

Guilty because I didn’t go see my mother today. We saw her last Friday. Alert, confused about minor details, fatigued easily, in other words the usual. We have a family conference with the doctor Monday morning. Since my brother is fishing in Alaska, that means E and me. As usual.

Instead I mowed the lawn and dug about in the garden. I let it go quite some time before weeding. Today I discovered The Rake as a useful tool for pulling dead crud out of the garden and making it Look Nicer. I’ve decided that when I retire I’m going to have a cable access show which will then be picked up by OPB, then PBS. It will be called The Lazy Gardener. It will be for people like me with low standards who nonetheless want the garden to look half-way decent even if they don’t have a lot of time to spend on it.

E and I went to see H2G2 at the Mission Theater this afternoon. Beer and a burger. I always get the Ruby, formerly known as Ruby Tuesday. When they take your food order they give you a stand up card with a number on it to set on your table so they can find you during the movie and deliver your food.

Our number was 42.


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