Three for three.

Posted Fri Jun 17, 2005, 16:39 PM by Tracy | |

That’s how many times Mom has been to the ER in as many weeks. Her residential care/assisted living facility is simply not able to care for her when she grows weak(er), can’t get out of bed, doesn’t drink and gets dehydrated.

Mom is now back in the same facility I placed her originally in January for skilled nursing care. I don’t know how long she will need to stay. I don’t know whether she will be able to keep her apartment (I doubt it).

One thing I know for certain is we are not going to continue this game of Mom moving into and out of assisted living every few months. If I can manage it at all I am going to insist that she not move out of rehab until she can maintain a good level of strength, stamina and general health for at least three months. And get a doctor’s approval. I will not stand for her turning our lives into a series of emergencies because of her impatience and inability to face the reality of her own condition.

Problem is as she gets stronger her mental acuity returns and she wants to take control of her life back. But she’s never quite strong enough to actually maintain the control she understandably wants. Things go wonky and I end up having to sweep up the pieces. What’s more she resents the help that I do for her when she is ill.

I’m in a no-win situation.

  1. I'm sorry, that sounds really rough. Plus, you've got a full time job, maintain your own household and have a life. Your plan sounds good. Hang in there!

    Kungfukitten    Mon Jun 20, 08:11 AM    #


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