I ♥ my job.

Posted Sat Jun 11, 2005, 19:07 PM by Tracy | |

I know I shouldn’t blog about work, especially considering I’m working under a non-disclosure agreement and all, but I have to say how much I like both the work and the company. I’m happy because I get to do one my favorite things: reqs & specs. I was hired as an HTML coder, but I get to also document project requirements and specifications.

The thing I really like about The Company is they don’t pigeonhole you. I’ve worked at companies where you’re hired for one thing and that’s all they ever want you to do. Never mind that you might have other talents, capabilities and ambitions.

Not so at The Company. They just assume you can do more than your stated job. They just assume you have further abilities they can tap into. The question that’s asked is, “what is your DNA?” In other words, what expertise can you offer on whatever task or project is at hand?

The Company recognizes that people are more than their job descriptions.

I like that.


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