We’re in ER, but where’s Noah Wylie?

Posted Mon Jun 06, 2005, 15:38 PM by Tracy | |

The Company has installed a Net Nanny variant, so no blogging from work.
Actually we are entertained by seeing which sites are blocked and which
aren’t. It seems almost arbitrary.

The weekend got hijacked by a trip to the ER. Saturday morning I got a call
from Mom’s residential facility that she was weak and lethargic, not eating.
They thought she should go to the ER. Sounds fine to me. Apparently she was
being treated for an infection and had been to the ER on Wednesday as well.
Something I did not know about.

What we have here is … a failure to co-mu-ni-cate.

Mom had been doing fine in the rehab facility, though bored out of her
skull. She was getting stronger, eating well and walking or participating in
exercise class every day. Some days she felt weaker and some days she felt
stronger. But overall she was improving.

With improved physical health came improved mental health and Mom was
determined to take back charge of her own life, to make and carry out her
own decisions. Unfortunately her own estimation of her capabilities was

If I had my way, Mom would have stayed in rehab for another month or so. But
no, she just had to get out as soon as she possibly could. Physical therapy
ok’d her for assisted living and that was all she needed to hear.

I did some research and visited some ALFs (Assisted Living Facilities), but
Mom didn’t want anything to do with anything I came up with. She refused to
even consider them and contacted the residential facility connected with the
rehab facility.

The RF did their assessment and (of course) found her to be perfectly suited
to living there. In looking at ALFs I learned to be skeptical. They are in
business to make money and their community coordinators are first and
foremost salespeople. They want to fill spaces and they’re not the ones who
take care of the residents. When E and I checked out the place for ourselves
and started asking questions, the marketing coordinator admitted that they
are not an assisted living facility but rather a residential facility. Mom
was assessed near their highest level of care.

Mom moved (without our help, thank you very much – another story) the second
week in May. About the first week in her new home she did pretty well,
eating in the dining room with the other ladies every day. Then she started
feeling weak again and started taking her meals in her room, not getting up,
not walking. In other words, she regressed to her previous state of poor
health in which she was susceptible to infections.

That’s how we ended up in the ER on Saturday. ER wanted to keep her
overnight for observation and to give antibiotics by IV. When they found out
she lived in an RF, they insisted she be discharged to skilled nursing,
which required another overnight stay because there’s no admittance on

So begins another round of the same thing we went through in California. At
least this time I don’t have to deal with it from long distance.

Update: Mom is spending another night in ER Obs. She’s getting a couple units of blood, which should perk her up. The discharge planner clarified for me that Mom can be discharged to her own residence, but that she will need more care from the facility.


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