Life moving on.

Posted Thu Jun 02, 2005, 20:20 PM by Tracy | |

A wondrous thing has happened. I got a job. It’s been 3-1/2 years since my last full-time allegedly-permanent job went down the toilet.

I’m working for the same company I did a three-month contract for earlier this year. I’m under non-disclosure, so I can’t say much. We’ll call it The Company. As for what I do, suffice it to say I’m coding html and documenting. I’ve already said too much. Now I have to kill you.

Orange kitty has gone missing and I doubt he’ll turn up. We have enough dogs, racoons and even coyotes wandering around here to take care of a hapless stray cat. I’ll miss him though. He was a smart cat, I think. He really wanted to move in and be our cat, but my elderly lady cats would have none of it.

  1. Still, I congratulate you.

    Ruben    Mon Jun 6, 10:22 AM    #


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