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Posted Sun May 15, 2005, 09:27 AM by Tracy | |

On the spur of the moment yesterday we went to buy the annual selection of little plants to beautify the front of our happy home. The back? Not so much. We’re in a competition with the neighbors to see who can drive property values lower.

I was disappointed with the selection and price of annuals this year. We went first to Loewe’s. I couldn’t believe the prices, so we went to Home Depot, which was a little less expensive and had a slightly better selection. But not much. No ranunculus, no pansies, no marigolds, only one color of impatiens, hardly any snapdragons.

Not satisfied, we stopped at our local A-Boy to supplement my purchases. I was able to pick up more colors of petunias and some marigolds. I asked the clerk if I were shopping too late for bedding plants. She said, no, it’s just been a weird season. They can only sell what the growers deliver and they haven’t gotten the usual this year.

I did pick up a few perennials. I like perennials – plant ‘em once!

I got all the little plants into the ground and into pots. My usual method is to plant in groups of three. Petunias form a border. I’m really not a very good gardner. I tend to lose interest and porch plants turn into scorch plants. I’ll try to do better this year.

  1. I love herbs - you can pet them, smell them and eat them. I caught the neighbor's cat rolling in my lavender this afternoon! My neighbor and I dug up the sidewalk median and I planted a ton of herbs last year. I've completely neglected the median all year but still have huge catmint, sage, lavender and rosemary plants. Yum! I'm going back for some oregano and thyme for the bare spots.

    Kungfukitten    Thu May 19, 10:28 PM    #


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