Posted Wed May 11, 2005, 11:43 AM by Tracy | |

Can mice break? Not a real critter, but a computer mouse.

Mine has been misbehaving lately. I’ll move it and the pointer will just stay stuck on the screen. Sometimes I pick it up and give it a good shake. Today I pounded it on the desk top (probably not a good idea). Finally it just stopped moving at all. I switched it out with a different mouse I just happened to have on hand. That new mouse seems to be working just fine.

  1. have you popped out the ball to see if there is crud built up on the rollers? and yes, they do fail.

    girly    Wed May 11, 12:15 PM    #

  2. girly is correct: a mouse with cruddy rollers will not function properly.
    I have found that an exacto blade is good way of getting the crud out.
    You might want to try an optical mouse, no pad required and there is relatively
    low crud build up and that's just on the skids.

    redjalapeno    Thu May 12, 06:38 AM    #

  3. I've done a lot of crud cleaning with the previous mouse. Its rollers were pretty spotless. The way the new mouse is working, I'm inclined to think the old mouse did go bad.

    The Magpie Herself    Thu May 12, 12:09 PM    #

  4. go optical! :)

    cherz    Fri May 13, 02:21 PM    #


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