Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy: Buy the T-shirt!

Posted Thu Apr 14, 2005, 13:47 PM by Tracy | |

Remember how Hillary Clinton was ridiculed for claiming a vast right-wing conspiracy was out to take down her and Bill?

Ah, good times. We all enjoyed a good laugh.

Times have changed and tables have turned. Now the NeoCons are shrieking about a Vast Left Wing Conspiracy. Do they not sound equally ridiculous?

I’m not sure who all comprises a Vast Left Wing Conspiracy. I think if you work in the media (right-wing pundits excepted) or Hollywood, you’re a member. I’m pretty sure that E and I, as secular Jews, are counted as members. Public school teachers? Probably. Independent judiciary? Definitely. Gay or lesbian? You know it, girlfriend!

You didn’t get the memo? Never mind, you can get the t-shirt. The lovely and talented Celticgirl has created her own Cafepress store full of VLWC merchandise for you to purchase. The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy isn’t going to fund itself, you know. The logo is a stark and elegant European-style design. Very Bauhaus. “Old Europe”, if you will. Magpie approves.

Go buy.


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