Maybe I’ll change.

Posted Wed Apr 06, 2005, 12:25 PM by Tracy | |

I have been considering contemplating the notion of possibly flirting with the idea of maybe changing the blog.

This design has been around since Oct 2001. I’m finally starting to get a little tired of it. The site needs a face lift.

I’m also considering changing software that drives the blog. I like WordPress and how it works. But I’d really like something that works more like a Content Management System for the other sections. I’d like something that works like what Sempahoria has, with her three-in-one blog.

So … any suggestions? What do you like/detest about your blogging/CMS software?

For that matter, what would you like to see changed about Chattering Magpie?

  1. well dearie, i adore textpattern. cherzie joined the bandwagon recently if you need a second opinion. it's still got it's weird buginess... but overall it does the trick in terms of content management, admin usability, and well - it's free! v.1 is rumored to debut soon. i've been blogging sucessfully on the pre-release for ages.

    as for the rest of the magpie, i'd like to see more knitting content, but i'm a sucker that way.


    semaphoria    Wed Apr 6, 02:26 PM    #

  2. textpattern is excellent! i would suggest using that. it's so stinkin' easy to set up, too.

    good luck w/ the new design!

    cherz    Mon Apr 11, 09:13 PM    #

  3. Even if you build you're own system, you're never satisfied.

    Ruben    Wed Apr 13, 09:09 AM    #


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