The founding days of the Republic of Gilead.

Posted Sun Mar 27, 2005, 19:24 PM by Tracy | |

If you think horror writer Stephen King is scary, try Rep. Steve King (R-IA). We were listening to this story on NPR in the parking lot of our local H-wood Video. Rep. King thinks that all federal courts below the level of the Supreme Court should be abolished. He thinks the problem with the judiciary is that its members aren’t elected.

E was nearly jumping out of his seat, shouting “That’s Unamerican!” Don’t these people understand we have three separate branches of government specifically to prevent the concentration of power in any one branch? Don’t these people understand that an independent judiciary is essential to making democracy work for all the people?

It is the duty and responsibility of the judiciary to ensure that the law of the land is both in accordance with the Constitution and adhered to by those who are charged with enforcing the law. Judges need to be above the push and pull of politics to fully discharge this highest of duties.

Who is Rep. King? He’s the guy who compared torture at Abu Ghraib to hazing. These people just don’t get it. One of the reasons why we said Saddam Hussein was a bad guy was because he tortures people. Torture isn’t subsequently okay because we do it. It’s still bad.

If you voted for Bush this is what you voted for: the dismantling of core American values.

  1. I can't remember who I voted for.

    Ruben    Mon Apr 4, 07:07 AM    #


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