Time to use the Chewbacca defense.

Posted Fri Mar 25, 2005, 14:59 PM by Tracy | |

A few months back when I first brought Mom to Oregon, I wanted to change her address with the Social Security office. Turns out I couldn’t do that. I’d have to bring her in or have her call Social Security. Not good options at the time as Mom was really out of it. Kind of demented.

Fortunately she’s much better now, thanks mostly to regular injections of Vitamin B12. I love how all the doctors she saw in CA who ran all those blood tests never discovered that deficiency. She’s regained much of her former mental acuity.

Anyway, I couldn’t change Mom’s address at the time, but I could appoint myself her “representative payee”, meaning I would get Mom’s SSI checks to spend on her behalf. (Bwahahahahaha)

To date I haven’t received a single check. I did get a letter from SSA yesterday saying that the check had been returned because they didn’t have the correct address.

And yet I received the letter.

  1. Ah, our taxpayer dollars at work again... such logical methadology - a well oiled machine.

    Patty O    Mon Mar 28, 09:30 AM    #


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