Shear for a cure … or … only the brave.

Posted Fri Mar 18, 2005, 13:28 PM by Tracy | |
These three lovely ladies, known as Team Saint Luke, are shaving their heads to raise money for children’s cancer research. They are nearly half way to their goal of $20,000 and are currently in the lead among fundraisers for the Portland Barracuda shaving event. It’s all organized under the auspices of St. Baldricks, a fundraising organization for children’s cancer research.

Wed night Nan, Karin and Anne got extreme makeovers, shaving about half their hair, on Portland’s own Livewire radio show. I was in the audience with Anne’s family. You can hear the show Saturday Mar 26 7pm on OPB 91.5fm.

The rest of the hair comes off at the Portland Barracuda event Apr 3.

Go to the St. Baldricks web site to learn more. You can donate on behalf of any team of course, but I want you to support Team Saint Luke.


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