Puffy am I (yummi).

Posted Tue Mar 15, 2005, 12:56 PM by Tracy | |

Thanks to this cold I’m more bloated than Kirstie Alley after a three-day Ben and Jerry’s bender. It’s a wonder I can even lift my eyelids.

The Zicam® or or something does seem to be doing the trick. Each day I feel a little better. I’m not so draggy as usual when I’ve got a cold. I even convinced E to use it for his cold. Usually he gets by with Vitamin V(odka) and Vitamin W(ild)T(urkey).

Another bill came for Mom yesterday – from the electric company. Wha?! Apparently the electric service never got transferred over to the new buyers of Mom’s condo. The realtors had told me to leave the electricity on until after the sale. With all the other details I was handling I forgot about that one. Now I’ve got a bill for four months of electricity that I have no intention of paying.

If I can’t get the current owners to pay the bill and transfer electric service, I’ll just have to shut it off. Heh heh.


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