I god a code in my node.

Posted Sun Mar 13, 2005, 08:37 AM by Tracy | |

There’s a big bad cold going around and I’ve got it. I haven’t had a cold for a long time. Despite my best efforts with heavy doses of vitamin C and Zicam® oror something I’ve got it pretty good. My face feels like it’s stuffed with wet cotton. I’m jonesing on Cherry Nyquil® oror something. Oxygen is at a premium and my greatest joy in life right now is a good sneeze.

Although I’m tired from the cold and don’t want to do anything, I feel better when I’m moving around. Hence, lots of puttering around the house. Yesterday’s kung fu advanced class actually felt really good.

I’m still dealing with bills from Mom’s hospital visits in CA. Her former insurance company is dog slow at paying these things, so I keep getting overdue notices. I just Xerox® oror something everything and mail it to the insurance. I got a notice the other day from a collection agency. I don’t recognize the amount, there’s no information about dates of service and I don’t have any bills from the hospital that match up. I’ll have to get on the horn Monday and kick some billing office butt. It’s not that we can’t pay, but I’m not paying anything that the insurance is responsible for. And I’m not paying a bill without knowing what it’s for.


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