The shame of failure.

Posted Thu Feb 24, 2005, 12:57 PM by Tracy | |

My faithful little Saturn has let me down. It failed DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality). It puts out too many hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide to be considered drivable in our urban-dense metropolitan area.

Being the responsible person I am, I am taking the little Saturn to the Saturn dealer where they will poke it and prod it and ultimately charge me lots of money to get it through DEQ – no promises. I’m just hoping it isn’t too expensive. The little Saturn took half my paycheck last time we went to the dealer.

On a happier note, my jaw is relaxing. I bought myself a “night guard” to prevent teeth grinding. I boiled it up and fitted it according to the directions. But when I tried to sleep with it I couldn’t. It was too large and awkward in my small mouth. It felt like a wedge, forcing my back teeth apart in such a way that was most uncomfortable. It made me want to grind my teeth and clench my jaw – exactly what we are trying not to do. Maybe I can get my money back.

  1. if you can afford it or have insurance, have one made by your dentist. it will be a perfect fit. if your dental plan (assuming you have one) won't cover it, cry TMJ! and have medical pick it up. with a pre-authorization. good luck!

    — grinder (again)    Fri Feb 25, 10:44 AM    #

  2. Maybe you could wear your sparring mouth guard to bed or would that scare E?

    Kungfukitten    Fri Feb 25, 02:20 PM    #


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