Insane in the brain.

Posted Sat Feb 19, 2005, 17:13 PM by Tracy | |

The other night I had a strange dream. I heard a rhythmic buzzing noise, but I couldn’t locate its source. No one else seemed to hear it. I couldn’t block out the sound. It persisted in my head, driving me mad. I screamed at the other people in my dream.

I woke up. E was snoring.

The weather has been mild and warm for this time of year. E has cut back the roses and cleaned up the garden so that it looks ever so much better.

I updated the knitting section. I’ve been making solid progress on the one sweater that has taken me a year to knit: the fabulous Paprika Half-Aran. Now it’s straight sailing to the end.

I’ve toyed with the idea of a knitting blog. Semaphoria, who is simultaneously geekier and cooler than me, has her Gnit (the “g” is silent). But I don’t knit constantly on new and interesting things to make a blog worth reading. I tend to plod along with projects until they finish. Sometimes I will have upwards of 5 projects on the needles, but generally it’s one stay-at-home project that has grown to large to schlep around and one boring little carry-with project.

I am amused at all the knitting blogs out there. Knitting has been the fashionable hobby for a few years now. I’ve been knitting long enough to see it go through a couple cycles of popularity. In time, knitting will be blasé and people will turn to quilting or tatting or cross-stitch. And I’ll keep knitting.

  1. silly magpie. i am not geeky or cool. but i'm glad to see that i've got people fooled! i admit that it's hard to come up with knitting content. either i am focused on a project, and it is terribly dull. or i am switching projects so rapidly that i start 20 and finish 2. but the thing is - i would love to hear more about your knitting, be it on the regular magpie or a knitting magpie blog. the work you do is so beautiful, and so much more complicated than what i can do. your knitting inspires us new knitters who feel accomplished after a simple decrease.

    semaphoria    Mon Feb 21, 07:35 AM    #


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