One drink maximum.

Posted Mon Feb 14, 2005, 11:40 AM by Tracy | |

When will I ever learn?

I am such a lightweight when it comes to alcohol it’s not funny. Not to me, anyway.

Last night E took me to dinner at El Gaucho. Very fancy. Everyone asked if we were celebrating Valentine’s Day, for which neither of us gives two figs. They were out of veal scallopine so I had ostrich with madeira-shiitake sauce instead.

Matt the cartooning bartender (or bartending cartoonist) made me the most delightful martini. It was a traditional gin martini with just a dab of aquavit and an onion. Very subtle.

I would be fine if I had left it at that, but I had a bit of red wine with my meal. Just a splash, really, not a whole glass.

Nonetheless, here I am with a headache. Crap.


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