Last chance to relax.

Posted Sun Jan 23, 2005, 16:53 PM by Tracy | |

Tomorrow Monday I start a new job and E goes back to work. So we took advantage of our last weekend to run away from Portland to McMenamin’s Hotel Oregon in beautiful downtown McMinnville.

Old town McMinnville reminds me of Astoria when I was growing up, before it became a hip little tourist town. Naturally E found a comfy little dive where the owner bought us a drink and suggested the Elk’s Club for our evening’s entertainment.

All the rooms at the Hotel Oregon are named after people, local residents I presume, mainly connected with the one-hundred year-old hotel’s history. The walls are covered with the funky artwork that is characteristic of a McMenamin’s establishment. Supposedly the hotel is haunted but we didn’t see any ghosts.

We meandered about McMinnville, looking in at “antique” stores and bookstores. We spent the bulk of our afternoon out at the Evergreen Aviation Museum, home of the Spruce Goose. E and I both witnessed the hauling of the enormous Hughes Flying Boat up the Willamette by barge over ten years ago.

Photos of Hotel Oregon & downtown McMinnvillePhotos of Evergreen Aviation Museum.

  1. I like their basement bar and the rooftop bar there. I can't remember which room I stayed in but it was facing the street and we had to listen to teenagers drag race in their Hondas all night.

    Kungfukitten    Tue Jan 25, 12:52 PM    #


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