Escape from LA.

Posted Tue Feb 01, 2005, 12:06 PM by Tracy | |

Buckets of rain poured down on LA late Friday morning, as E and I executed the final stage of our plan to move Mom to Oregon.

We got up at the ungodly hour of 5am Friday for our flight to LA. We arrived by 9am and caught a shuttle to the assisted living facility where Mom had lived for only two months and her car and larger possessions still were. We loaded up TV, computer, a bookshelf and a few odds and ends, including the fake palms from Target that now adorn my cubicle. We gassed up and got on the road by 11am.

We drove through torrents of rain, punctuated by rainbows, up I-5. It’s a great road: straight, flat, 80-85mph much of the way. At 7:30pm we pulled into Willows, south of Redding and checked ourselves into the Days Inn.

That’s when we saw the drips. Big drips of fluid coming from the underside of Mom’s car. I had visions of being stuck in Nowheresville, Kah-lee-foh-nyah with no way to get the car fixed until Monday.

Nothing we could do about it until morning, so we headed off for dinner and a drink. Or two. Make it three.

Beautiful blue skies Saturday morning and I went out to check the oil level in the car, fully expecting it to have drained itself dry overnight. I checked the oil and it was full. I checked transmission, radiator, brake and power steering. All full. I got on my knees and dabbed the puddle under the car. Water.

Back on the road by 10am and we continued north. We stopped for gas and road food at Redding. We found this funky little used book & music store where we loaded up with CDs to get us over the Siskiyous: David Bowie, the Stones, Roxy Music, Bonnie Raitt.

The part of the trip I was most worried about was getting through the Siskiyou mountains. If there was any snow or ice we would have to detour to the coast, adding several hours to our journey. Luckily the roads were dry as bones and the skies were clear and blue as Crater Lake.

Originally we thought we’d stay Saturday night in Eugene, but we realized we could make it home with no difficulty, so we trudged on. We pulled into our driveway at 6:45pm Saturday. The cats barely took notice when we walked in the door.


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