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Posted Sat Jan 08, 2005, 16:00 PM by Tracy | |

It’s really happening. We are making it happen.

We’re moving Mom to Oregon. On Tuesday. This Tuesday. January 11 2005.

Christmas night (Boxing Day morning, to be accurate) we got the 3am phone call. These kinds of calls only come at 3am. Mom had fallen out of bed, was complaining of pain and wanted to go to the hospital. Would I come get her?

Um, no, I am in Oregon. (Mom was at the time in Assisted Living in California.) Call 911.

Since then Mom has been in a nursing home where she has received full care and physical therapy. Unfortunately, she is so unmotivated, most of the time she just tells the physical therapist to go away. So it’s really not doing her any good.

The doctor says she has dementia with an overlay of depression. Her dosage was just increased, but it will take a few weeks for it to show any effect.

Most of the time she sleeps.

She can’t go back to Assisted Living; she needs a higher level of care.

We thought we’d have until spring to move Mom up to Oregon. But with this new development, we decided to accelerate our plans.

In less than two weeks we selected a care facility 10 minutes from our house, found a doctor to take her as a patient, narrowed down options for Medicare supplemental insurance.

I didn’t get a discharge date until just this Friday (yesterday). But we had already planned our logistics for getting her up here. It was just a matter of buying plane tickets, requesting wheelchair assist, booking a motel room for myself and reserving a shuttle ride from LAX to the Assisted Living Facility where Mom’s car is.

Sunday I fly to LAX. Monday I will pack up Mom’s belongings. I’ll bring what I can in her suitcase, but most of it will be shipped. Tuesday cousin Barb will drive us to LAX and we’ll be in Oregon in a few hours.

E will go back for the large items and Mom’s car later this month.

On top of all that, E’s 99-year old grandmother died last week. The family is flying to Chicago on Sunday for the funeral on Monday, back on Tuesday. Our departing flights are about an hour apart.


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