This better be worth it.

Posted Tue Nov 04, 2003, 13:34 PM by Tracy | |

I have just spent the last three days converting my web log to Movable Type (as in “Powered by …”). Whew! Setting up MT wasn’t too bad, once I figured out a weird server directory name thing. The real hassle was modifying all the templates so it would still look like Chattering Magpie, in both IE and Netscape. Mind you, I’m not bothering with checking it across multiple platforms and browsers. NS 4.X is completely out of the question.

What’s new for you? You get to talk back. Go ahead, make a comment. I dare ya. Just don’t expect me to answer back. You’ll still get full access to all the wonderful Chattering Magpie sections you know and love.

What’s new for me? I don’t have to manage my own archives. It better be worth it.

  1. Ha! First post!

    I just love Comments. A weblog is just half a weblog without it.

    By the way, your MT troubles remind me of my WLAN troubles. It's pure hell, configuring those weird servers and workstations, whatever you want to do with them.

    Ruben    Wed Nov 5, 08:11 AM    #

  2. It looks GREAT!!!!!!!!!

    Way to go...

    Jason    Wed Nov 5, 08:36 AM    #

  3. Oh thank you thank you. At last, someone (or two!) commented. Now I feel better.

    I tell ya, I learned some about how IE and Mozilla deal differently with absolutely positioned elements. The top banner is all absolutely positioned. Unless you got a better idea ...

    Look Ma, no tables! All CSS!

    Tracy    Wed Nov 5, 08:39 AM    #

  4. It looks very nice but still recognizable. With the comments I can now make ever so witty comments about your fabulous life!

    kungfukitten    Wed Nov 5, 11:09 AM    #


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